Essentially Denim

Our Story

Cultivating a family-first culture for
our company and clients.

Jaclyn and her father in he 1980's

For Jaclyn Prince, the founder of Essentially Denim, it all started in east Manhattan. As a child in the 1980s, she admired her father’s work as a procurer of the finest quality denim fabrics. She spent her youth in New York City surrounded by textiles—playing in rolls of fabric, marveling at different shades, and exploring the texture of every swatch. 

During the height of the '70s fabric revolution, her father forged an independent path. He pioneered a new kind of denim revival, focused on ethically sourcing rare fabrics and developing a close relationship with each client. He never discriminated, supplying the best material for Quaker communities, start-up fashion boutiques, and high-profile clientele.

Jaclyn's fondest memories are staying up late to hear her father talk of eccentric clients and their creations. She felt pride in his ability to bring someone's vision to life. Because of his grit and dedication, Jaclyn made it her life’s mission to nurture the creative and entrepreneurial spirit in her community.

Her childhood experiences and her father’s service to clients are the foundation of Essentially Denim's mission.