Essentially Denim

Process & Possibility

Laundered Denim Fabric

Laundering Methodology

Essentially Denim’s master laundering methodology has been practiced for decades. We use a specialty laundering formula to transform wild, raw denim fabric into ready-to-use material with long-lasting quality.

Each batch of denim fabric is pre-washed, fusion-dyed, and softened. The final product is ready to be cut, sewn, and crafted. No processing necessary.

Our denim material has minute variations in the shade, and each piece is entirely unique. All fabric has a soft, vintage feel to set your creations apart.

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Vision & Theory 

Denim is diverse. It's the fabric of our nation—perfectly suited for apparel, household items, or accessories. 

As a material, denim can achieve a variety of purposes. We believe denim is a special fabric, able to be crafted into garments, products, tote bags, and more.


Previous Projects

Denim is durable. It’s continuously re-invented and adapted for new innovations not yet imagined.

Essentially Denim has experience as a quality denim supplier for an array of special projects. We've helped support our clients in creating everything from furniture to pet garments and commissioned artworks. 

Types of Projects

Apparel: jackets, shirts, overalls, jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, aprons, dog clothing (ie: leashes, harnesses, jackets)

Accessories: hats, bags, baskets, belts, jewelry, headbands, art pieces

Household: couches, chairs, auto upholstery, rugs, table runners, table cloths, coasters, bedding, pillows