Essentially Denim

About Us

We utilize a personalized approach.

Our specialty laundering process takes place in small batches, and all our signature products are made in America. Through our combined approach, we cater to establishments of every size—individual designers, fashion boutiques, interior decorators, upholstery companies, and mom-and-pop shops.

Essentially Denim has built our reputation on extraordinary service as fabric manufacturers in the USA. Inspired by the creative ingenuity of each individual, we’ve dedicated our lives to an approach that provides a quality product and experience.

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We believe in reinvention.

Through decades of experience, our family has witnessed the evolution of denim as the fabric of our nation. The history of denim is complex, and it’s proven to have a long-lasting presence as an American staple. 

It’s our duty to reinvigorate the beauty of denim in fashion, furniture, and more. For our family, Essentially Denim is a proud culmination of the past, present, and future.

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