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Are "Jiker" Shorts A Thing?

Are "Jiker" Shorts A Thing?

Jiker shorts, aka, denim biker shorts, are not something I would normally entertain wearing since they have the "jorts" connotation. BUT, ever since the biker short has grown in popularity, I have to say the whole jiker shorts thing is growing on me.

Luckily, brands and retailers all over the internet have started stocking the shorts in a range of fits, from slim styles that mimic spandex bike shorts to roomier ones, for women of all shapes and sizes. When they are styled in a way that's flattering to your body type, jikers can be a really easy way to switch up your denim game and breath life into your old skinny jeans. 

One of my favorite jiker short outfits was one that i spotted on fashion blogger weworewhat. It was a pair of light blue jikers with a vintage chanel chain belt, a white tee, and a long camel-colored blazer. It completely changed my perspective and made me understand why jiker shorts are definitely a thing.

If you don't feel like going out and spending money on this trend, here's a super easy jikers DIY project.